Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Short News: Cover and blurb for DS9 e-novella I, the Constable by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann revealed

Amazon has added a cover and blurb for November's eBook exclusive Deep Space Nine novella I, the Constable, written by former head of Licensing for Star Trek (among other things) Paula M. Block and her partner Terry J. Erdmann:

With his Starfleet assignment temporarily on hold, Odo needs a distraction. He welcomes Chief O’Brien’s offer to loan him some of the action-packed books that both men relish: tales about hard-boiled private eyes, threatening thugs, and duplicitous dames. Then Quark suddenly goes missing during a hastily planned trip to Ferenginar. His concerned friends on Deep Space Nine feel that Odo, as the station’s former chief of security, is uniquely suited to track Quark down. But once on Ferenginar, Odo learns that Quark is trapped in the seamy underbelly of a criminal enterprise that could have been ripped from the pages of one of O’Brien’s novels. To find the bartender, Odo discovers that he must rely not only on his law enforcement background, but his knowledge of all things noir….

Saturday, September 23, 2017

News: The Trek Collective is back

As this blog was started to fill a small part of the void left behind by the Trek Collective, I feel I should point out to my readers that the original is back:

The Trek Collective is back in action!

As a certain song goes: "It's been a long time..."

Last year I decided to have a few days break from the Trek-sphere, and with the busy busy life I've been living lately, that accidentally became a whole year!

I've been clamouring to get back in the game ever since, but struggled to get back up to date with all the Trek goings on - Star Trek has also had a rather busy year!

But, now I have, and here I am. Normal service from 8of5 of The Trek Collective resumes today. As ever you did before you'll find here all the latest news on every aspect of Trek, with particular love for all the tie-in fiction, model ships, and other Star Trek things!

It's going to take me a little while to get all my schedule and resource pages back up to date, so please bare with me on those. But regular news posting starts now. I also intend to back fill all the news I miss, as much so I'm back in touch with it all as anything; so look out for all those back-dated posts too!

I switched off all my 8of5 communications channels when I took my break, but I see I've had a LOT of messages of concern and requests for updates. Sorry for leaving you all in limbo, and thank you for caring! I'll try and send replies to all those who contacted me individually in due course, but I am really grateful and moved that so many people cared!

Now, I've got some posts to write!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

News: Fixed cover for Titan: Fortune of War revealed and background info on need to fix

About two weeks after the initial cover reveal for Titan: Fortune of War in a StarTrek.com article and the subsequent pulling of the article only a day later., now the final cover for the book has been revealed by Star Trek.com by adding the new cover to the old article:

click for full size

In an entry on his blog David Mack explains why it was necessary to fix the cover:

Two weeks ago, I showed off the cover for my upcoming Star Trek Titan novel Fortune of War. I felt pretty good about it at the time.
And then eagle-eyed fans started to notice that there was something … *off* about the cover.
We had featured the wrong type of starship on the cover. Instead of the Luna-class USS Titan, we had used an Akira-class starship.

The two classes of ship have many similarities. But they are far from interchangeable.
Both Luna– and Akira-class ships have the same style of warp nacelles extended downward and set at angles to their pylons. Both  have structures connecting their saucer sections and secondary hulls. But the similarities end there.
The structures on the undersides of the two ships are very different. The Luna class, designed by Sean Tourangeau, is much larger.

Also, on its dorsal (upper) hull, the Luna class has a superstructure inspired by those of the Miranda-class and Nebula-class starships.
Once the error on the cover was pointed out to us, everyone involved felt embarrassed. All of us — art director, editor, author, licensing team — felt that we should’ve caught the mistake before it reached the public.
We then scrambled to fix it before we missed the printer’s deadline. We weren’t going to just shrug and print a cover we knew was wrong.
Fortunately, VFX artist Darth Mojo (aka Adam Lebowitz) came to our rescue. In record time he made a new-and-improved cover, this time with the right starship.
How did all this happen? We’re not sure. What matters is not how it went wrong, but how quickly the team pulled together to make it right.

Some posts by David Mack in the Facebook comments reveal that the added exploding planet in the background is both something he wanted to have on the cover and an actual scene from the book:

I'm quite happy with the revision — I finally got the exploding planet I've always wanted!

In that case I am happy to confirm that the scene on the cover=IS= a scene in the novel!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Short news: Second Prometheus book gets release date, Architects of Infinity delayed again, Titan cover pulled,ENT annotations

Here's a little rundown of short TrekLit news which came out since my last post:

Prometheus: The Root of all Rage to be released in May 2018

According to a recently added Amzon listing, The Root of all Rage (previously known as The Source of all Fury), the English translation of the second book in the Prometheus trilogy, has also gotten a release date: May 29th 2017

Voyager: Architects of Infinity delayed until late February

Architects of Infinity, the next installment in Kirsten Beyer's series of post final Voyager novels has been hit by another delay according to an updated  listing on Simon & Schuster's website. Instead of being released shortly before Christmas it is now scheduled for February 27th 2018, making it the March release instead of the January release.

Titan: Fortune of War cover pulled  

As I reported on September 2nd StarTrek.com had posted an article featuring the supposed cover art for Titan: Fortune of War. Only a day later the articel was pulled from the site. The posted cover (see below) featured an Akira class star ship, when it apparently should have been the Titan.

Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference Annotations posted

Christopher L. Bennett has posted annotations for his recent Enterprise novel Patterns of Interference on his website. Please be advised that the annotations contain spoilers for the book.

Internal news: 2018 schedule page added

I have added a page for the 2018 release schedule

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Short News: Cover for Titan: Fortune of War by David Mack revealed

StarTrek.com has revealed the cover for David Mack's upcoming Star Trek: Titan novel Fortune of War today:

The book will be published on November 28th 2017.

News : David Mack talks about writing Discovery: Desperate Hours

In an interview with inverse.com David Mack has talked about the in and outs of writing Desperate Hours. Here a some quotes from the interview:

“I had to be faithful to the aesthetics of the new series, but I didn’t want to be dismissive of the original Star Trek series and all that it had established. My job was to balance and marry those two visions, favoring neither while respecting both.”

  The story itself will focus on Michael Burnham aboard the USS Shenzhou a year before the events of the first episode of the new series. But, according to Mack, the book will also make it clear that this book also takes place: “one year after the Starship Enterprise’s first mission to Talos IV in ‘The Cage’.”

 “For fans who adore the Pike era of Star Trek, and especially those who enjoyed last year’s 50th-anniversary Star Trek Legacies trilogy, there will be lots to love in the pages of Desperate Hours,” Mack says.

 “Because this job would have the additional challenge of channeling the voices of characters who I would encounter only through script pages, Kirsten knew that she needed someone who would be able to read between the lines and find the hidden layers of the characters and bring them to life in prose,”

 “I don’t want to oversell the “integrated with canon” aspect of this project. While it is true that I was given unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes concept materials, scripts, and set photography, and it’s also true that I was allowed to contribute notes and minor supplemental creative material via Kirsten, my book is no more canon than any other — which is to say, it’s not canon.

Please read the full article on inverse.com here:

 How to Write a 'Star Trek' Book About a Show Nobody Has Watched

In other Discovery novel news Dayton Ward shares where he is currently at with writing with Discovery novel #2 in his August writing wrap-up:

Star Trek: Discovery Tie-in Novel – Now it can be told! One of the sooper sekrit writing things I’ve had going for a while now is this bad boy, which was formally announced early last month at the ginormous Star Trek convention shin-dig thing in Vegas. What can I tell you about it? At this point, not much more than what’s already been revealed, which is precious little. What I can tell you is that it’s the second DSC novel, following David Mack’s Desperate Hours, which will be published on September 26th. For those of you with calendars, that’s just two days after the series premiere of Star Trek: Discovery itself. As for my book? It’s currently slated for “early 2018” publication, and as was revealed in Vegas, the story is set somewhere around ten years before the first episode of the series proper. I’m actually working on revisions to the manuscript offered by my editor and a few of the folks in the DSC writers room, and should have them back to Pocket Books late next week. More to come as I’m allowed to share!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Short News: Kelvin Timeline no longer off limits, licence renewal in progress, Desperate Hours creation

No new books were announced at the STLV books panel, but TrekCore reports some interesting little tidbits via their twitter nonetheless:

 Breaking: novels can now incorporate Kelvin Timeline content as needed - Hobus supernova, etc
This allows novel writers to 'play in another part of the sandbox'

No new 2018 novel announcements yet (save for DSC), license with CBS in process of being renewed. Novels will continue, says panel

About the creative process regarding Desperate Hours and David Mack's rapport with the writing staff:
turned in his novel draft a few months ago, ahead of the season being fully scripted

describes a few "false starts" in his writing time, having to change directions as show plans changed

  is getting scripts as they are released to the production team at the show.

 Getting scripts as they are completed lets offer notes to Kirsten Beyer to share with writing team

describes "two-way communication" between novel writing team and episode writers

says DESPERATE HOURS is a 90k-100k-word novel.

created a character reference bible for writing, with some information that made it to on-screen content

  drafted character profiles before actors cast, showrunners then asked him to update to align with actors

's revised character profiles shared with actors to help them craft their backstories

A 'preview' of 's DESPERATE HOURS. Good Luck folks.

Some character names/details on originate in 's character profiles