Saturday, January 21, 2017

News: Discovery novel to be delayed

As David Mack confirmed on the TrekBBS his tie-in novel to the upcoming new Star Trek Discovery TV series will be delayed to coincide with the airing of the series. Since the new release date for the show hasn't been publicized yet, there is no indication when the book will be out either.

David Mack sees the positive in this in his forum post:

The novel's release is being postponed to coincide with the premiere, at least as closely as is possible. Which is good for S&S and for me, since it means we're no longer on such a super-crash schedule.

The postponement of the novel will have no influence for his work on other upcoming Star Trek novels, but one of them could be selected to fill the hole in the schedule if the editors see the need:

Section 31: Control is already finished with production and is on track to go to the printers. Star Trek: Titan – Fortune of War is written, approved, and on its way to copyediting. Because I finished it way ahead of schedule, it can be published early if the publisher needs to adjust its schedule.

As soon as I finish the manuscript for my Discovery novel, I will return to work on Dark Arts, my original series for Tor. Book one, The Midnight Front, is in production now, for a February 2018 release. I plan to finish book two, The Iron Codex, by the fall, and book three, Shadow Commission, by this time next year, if all goes well. 

Fellow Star Trek author Dayton Ward doesn't see any other changes in the schedule coming after the Discovery delay. When the question arose he stated:

It shouldn't have any effect. The Discovery novel is a trade paperback, and trades operate on a different schedule/production cycle than the mass-market paperbacks.