Thursday, August 3, 2017

Short News: Kelvin Timeline no longer off limits, licence renewal in progress, Desperate Hours creation

No new books were announced at the STLV books panel, but TrekCore reports some interesting little tidbits via their twitter nonetheless:

 Breaking: novels can now incorporate Kelvin Timeline content as needed - Hobus supernova, etc
This allows novel writers to 'play in another part of the sandbox'

No new 2018 novel announcements yet (save for DSC), license with CBS in process of being renewed. Novels will continue, says panel

About the creative process regarding Desperate Hours and David Mack's rapport with the writing staff:
turned in his novel draft a few months ago, ahead of the season being fully scripted

describes a few "false starts" in his writing time, having to change directions as show plans changed

  is getting scripts as they are released to the production team at the show.

 Getting scripts as they are completed lets offer notes to Kirsten Beyer to share with writing team

describes "two-way communication" between novel writing team and episode writers

says DESPERATE HOURS is a 90k-100k-word novel.

created a character reference bible for writing, with some information that made it to on-screen content

  drafted character profiles before actors cast, showrunners then asked him to update to align with actors

's revised character profiles shared with actors to help them craft their backstories

A 'preview' of 's DESPERATE HOURS. Good Luck folks.

Some character names/details on originate in 's character profiles

News: Desperate Hours cover and blurb revealed and second novel announced at STLV

During a panel about the tie-in comics and novels to Star Trek Discovery at  the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention the cover and blurb for David Mack's Discovery novel Desperate Hours has finally been revealed:


Aboard the Starship Shenzhou, Lieutenant Michael Burnham, a human woman raised and educated among Vulcans, is promoted to acting first officer. But if she wants to keep the job, she must prove to Captain Philippa Georgiou that she deserves to have it.
She gets her chance when the Shenzhou must protect a Federation colony that is under attack by an ancient alien vessel that has surfaced from the deepest fathoms of the planet’s dark, uncharted sea.

As the menace from this mysterious vessel grows stronger, Starfleet declares the colony expendable in the name of halting the threat. To save thousands of innocent lives, Burnham must infiltrate the alien ship. But to do so she needs to face the truth of her troubled past, and seek the aid of a man she has tried to avoid her entire life—until now. 

The novel is set one year prior to the shows first episode and one year after the events of TOS original pilot The Cage.

A second novel, penned by Dayton Ward was also announced during the panel, set to appear in early 2018. No title has been announced for this novel yet, but Dayton Ward revealed that it was set 10 years prior to the show.