Star Trek Prose 2017

Series Title Author(s) Publisher Release Date* Release month Format already released Year
TOS The Face of the Unknown Christopher L. Bennett Pocket Books 2016-12-27 Jan 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
TNG Headlong Flight Dayton Ward Pocket Books 2017-01-31 Feb 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
DS9 The Long Mirage David R. George III Pocket Books 2017-02-28 Mar 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
S31 Control David Mack Pocket Books 2017-03-28 Apr 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
TNG Hearts and Minds Dayton Ward Pocket Books 2017-05-30 Jun 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
DTI Shields of the Gods Christopher L. Bennett Pocket Books 2017-06-19 Jun 17 eBook novella x 2017
DS9 Enigma Tales Una McCormack Pocket Books 2017-06-27 Jul 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
FNF Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Star Trek - The Klingon Empire Dayton Ward (author), Livio Ramondelli and Peter Markowski (artists) Insight Editions 2017-07-11 Jul 17 TPB x 2017
ENT Rise of the Federation: Patterns of Interference Christopher L. Bennett Pocket Books 2017-08-29 Sep 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
DS9 Gamma: Original Sin David R. George III Pocket Books 2017-09-26 Oct 17 MMPB/eBook x 2017
DSC Desperate Hours David Mack Gallery Books 2017-09-26 Oct 17 TPB/eBook x 2017
FNF The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard David A. Goodman Titan Books 2017-10-17 Oct 17 HC
DS9 I, The Constable Paula M.Block & Terry J. Erdmann Pocket Books 2017-11-13 Nov 17 eBook novella
TTN Fortune of War David Mack Pocket Books 2017-11-28 Dec 17 MMPB/eBook
PRO Fire with Fire Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg Titan Books 2017-11-28 Nov 17 MMPB/eBook

* eBook release date, paper books usually are available up to two weeks before this date in some markets

TOS: The Original Series
TNG: The Next Generation
DS9: Deep Space Nine
VOY: Voyager
ENT: Enterprise
DSC: Discovery
TTN: Titan
S31: Section 31
PRO: Prometheus
DTI: Department of Temporal Investigations
FNF: fictional non-fiction

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