In Memoriam - Deceased Star Trek prose writers & editors

James Blish (1921-1975)

Star Trek 1
Star Trek 2
Star Trek 3
Star Trek 4
Star Trek 5
Star Trek 6
Star Trek 7
Star Trek 8
Star Trek 9
Star Trek 10
Star Trek 11
Star Trek 12
Spock must die!

Theodore Cogswell (1918-1987)

Spock, Messiah!

Ann Carol (A.C.) Crispin (1950-2013)

Yesterday's Son
Time for Yesterday
The Eyes of the Beholders
Star Trek: Enter the Wolves; Comic with Howard Weinstein

Thomas Eugene "Gene" DeWeese (1934-2012)

Chain of Attack
The Final Nexus
The Peacekeepers
Probe (published with a by line for Margaret Wander Bonanno, the final version was written by DeWeese, though)
Into the Nebula
Engines of Destiny

Denny Martin Flinn (1947-2007)

The Fearful Summons

John M. Ford (1957-2006)

The Final Reflection
How much for just the Planet?

Jack C. Haldeman II (1941-2002)

Perry's Planet

David Hartwell (1941-2016)

First editor of Star Trek novels for Pocket Books

Janet Kagan (1946-2008)

Uhura's Song

Dr. Yoji Kondo a.k.a. Eric Kotani (1933-2017)

Death of a Neutron Star

Shirley Maiewski (1920-2004)

"Mind-Sifter" (Short story in The New Voyages)

Victoria "Vicki" Estelle Mitchell Gustafson a.k.a. V.E. Mitchell (1954-2017)

Enemy Unseen
Windows on a Lost World
Atlantis Station

Rebecca Neason (1954-2010)

Guises of the Mind

Frederik Pohl (1919-2013)

Editor for Star Trek at Bantam Books

Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)

Star Trek - The Motion Picture

Mack Reynolds (1917-1983)

Mission to Horatius

William Rotsler (1926-1987)

Star Trek II: Short Stories
Star Trek III: Short Stories

Robert Sheckley (1928-2005)

The Laertian Gamble

Josepha Sherman (1946-2012)

Vulcan's Forge (/w Susan Shwartz)
Vulcan's Heart (/w Susan Shwartz)
"Turning Point" (Short story in New Frontier: No Limits)
"Blood Sacrifice" (Short story in Tales of the Dominion War)
Vulcan's Soul, Book One: Exodus (/w Susan Shwartz)
Vulcan's Soul, Book Two: Exiles (mit Susan Shwartz)
Vulcan's Soul, Book Three: Epiphany (mit Susan Schwartz )

G. Harry Stine a.k.a. Lee Correy (1928-1997)

The Abode of Life

Theodore Sturgeon (1918-1985)

The Joy Machine (Story by)

Jesco von Puttkamer (1933-2012)

"The Sleeping God" (Short story in The New Voyages 2)

If you think there is anyone missing from this page, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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